Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunday Music Blogging: Kayah & Bregovic

I decided to steal the "Day X" meme and blog about music that helped me get through the week. It seems like a nice tradition to start, considering the amount of work for Monday or Tuesday I often need to begin Sunday afternoon.

"Ederlezi". Kayah, lead vocals. Goran Bregovic, arrangement (and the guy holding a guitar without playing it).

This traditional Romani song had a prominent role in the movie Time of the Gypsies, which Bregovic scored. I've been a fan of Bregovic since I heard a track from Underground played on Morning Becomes Eclectic when Danny Elfman was featured as a guest DJ of sorts. Still, it's a little strange to consider oneself a Bregovic fan. It's a bit like being a fan of John Lomax or Cecil Sharp. Bregovic rose to fame in his native (former) Yugoslavia with the rock group Bijelo Dugme. Bregovic began to receive more attention outside of the Balkans when his fantastic brass band scores began to appear in movies by Emir Kusturica and others. His scores are often less original than wonderful pop-friendly arrangements of traditional vocal and brass band music.

"Ederlezi" shows Bregovic's touch at its tenderest. Though the music is lifted up by the lively instrumental section, there's still a melancholic tinge to the entire song that even the pumping brass beat can't bury.

Regrettably, I don't know as much about Kayah's career except that she's a Polish singer who has worked in a number of genres. You have to love the dreadlock extensions though (or, you don't).

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